Adata PV120 PowerBank


The ADATA PV120 Power Bank is of a high quality with a 5100mAh capacity and simultaneous charge and discharge function.

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The ADATA Power Bank transforms the mundane task of charging into a kind of fashion statement. By featuring a leather like texture and smooth metallic striping, it conveys a sense of luxury marked by impressively high quality with a 5100mAh capacity and simultaneous charge and discharge function.

Leather Like Texture For An Elegant Look

Comes with a leather like texture and elegant contours for a sense of simplicity marked by high quality. It’s so refined, you won’t leave any trace of fingerprints on its smudge free surface.

Ultra Slim And Easy Grip

At only 14.5mm thick, it is the ultimate in slim. Thanks to its elegantly streamlined easy grip design, you can carry your with confidence no matter where you are.

High Capacity And Fast Charging

No need to worry about running out of power when you‘re on the go it comes with a whopping 5100mAh charge capacity enough for nearly 2 charges on an iPhone 6 and more than 1 charge on an iPhone 6 Plus. In addition, it supports 2A input and 2.1A output, which means it can be fully charged as well as charge your smartphone more quickly.

Simultaneous Charge And Discharge

Supports simultaneous charge and discharge for improved efficiency, still can charge your mobile device simultaneously while it’s in charge.

LED Power Level Display

A LED power level indicator shows how much power remains for more charging.

Flame Resistant Shielding And Eco Friendly Materials

Its flame resistant shielding offers greater safety, and RoHS compliant materials make an eco friendly power bank.

High Conversion Efficiency

Higher conversion efficiency than other power banks in the market, thus delivering a fuller battery capacity for outstanding quality and reliability.

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