Adata P20000D (Dark Blue)


P20000D (Dark Blue) 20,000 mHa powerbank with light

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The P20000D makes it clear what a flagship power bank is. Packing 20000mAh, this beast is tamed with a high precision digital display that lets you know exactly how much power remains. It also has a bright LED flashlight for added utility and safety. We placed dual USB charging ports on the P20000D so you can top up two devices at once to save time, and bulked it up with robust protective measures. The P20000D embodies ultimate it’s the envy of all other power banks.

Digital Display for Carefree Use

As mobile devices become faster and integrate higher resolution screens. This makes precise info on just how much power you have left essential and the P20000D features a digital display that rates battery charge up to 100. No more flashing lights or vague bars you get total accuracy and clarity at a glance.

Keep Going With Truly Big Capacity

The P20000D holds enough power to fully re-charge a smart phone 6.4 times, and a tablet approx. 1.8 times. That’s a lot of power on the go, freeing you from worries about empty batteries.

Dual USB Ports Boost Charging Efficiency

The P20000D features two USB ports that output 2.1A total. Recharge your smart mobile devices at once to reduce annoying waits and keep using both devices with no downtime. The P20000D delivers efficiency and convenience in one.

Doubles as a Powerful LED Flashlight

Designed to accompany you on your travels, the P20000D has a built-in high intensity LED flashlight that helps you find your way when needed. Camping sites to parking garages, the LED flashlight is a very handy feature, and with 20000mAh behind it also a very reliable and enduring light source that you can depend on with one-click ease.

Product Features:
  • 20000mAh Capacity
  • Multiple circuit protection
  • Dual USB Port with 2.1A output
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