ODB’s Sustainability Journey
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ODB’s Sustainability Journey

Here at ODB Limited we are acutely aware IT companies consume more than their fair share of electrical power. With this in mind we have made a conscious choice to be more environmentally aware in our business. All it takes are small steps to make change happen. As a team we set about setting goals for our Sustainability Journey.

2015 ODB got the opportunity to move from our original office in Blanchardstown. Having looked at various office spaces the decision was taken that the greenest option was to build a Log Cabin. This solution not only made the office building green but reduced the daily commute of two thirds of our current staff.

Green Electricity Another stage in the process was we looked at our energy providers to ensure that ODB was more energy efficient in addition to reducing our environmental impact. Thus we have partnered with a Green Electricity provider to achieve this goal.

2020 The next milestone occurred in September when we installed Solar panels on the office by MySolar.ie. Panels

These panels enable ODB Head Office to be partly run on Solar energy. During the summer months we have had days where we were powered 100% by solar.

Where any excess electricity is produced, we give it to the National Grid.

This is the first stage of ODB’s Sustainability plan which we were able to achieve in 2020.

We are committed to being as environmentally efficient as possible by using all smart technology available to us. We are doing our upmost to become more sustainable these steps are only the start of our journey.

2021 This year the focus was on our usage of fossil fuels. The decision was taken that we wished to reduce our fossil fuel usage. An Electric vehicle was purchased. The VW ID4 car arrived to us Carbon neutral which was an added bonus. As well as purchasing an electric vehicle we plan to adopt a sustainable business travel policy. Thus corporate journeys are only taken where necessary and as efficiently as possible.

As a proud Irish company we have chosen to work work Irish Suppliers where possible.

We have engaged with all employees to define clear goals which will aid us in reducing food and packaging waste with the ultimate goal of zero waste to landfill over the next few years.

The employees have had innovative suggestions including Reuse and recycling where possible.

2022 ODB have signed up to the Microsoft Western European Partner Pledge, focusing especially on 3 of the critical goals: Sustainability, Diversity and Digital Skills. `For further information on the Microsoft Partner Pledge please go to https://partner.microsoft.com/en-ie/connect/local/ie-partner/partner-pledge

More to follow on our journey.

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