About us

With over twenty five years experience in the IT Sector Eóin O'Doherty of ODoherty.Biz Ltd can assist you with all your IT needs.  He is Microsoft Accredited and a highly qualified computer engineer who can provide support and assist in any aspect of IT that may impact on your business including assisting with queries on consultancy, training and software development.

Elaine O'Doherty is a qualified IPASS Payroll Technician with over 15 years in Software training and office management.

We can provide a wide range of services in the IT Sector which would help your organisation increase its productivity.

We provide ODB School Accounts Software which is designed for the Community/Comprehensive School Sector and is approved by the Department of Education and Skills.  ODB School Accounts software is a Financial Management System which is currently the market leader in this sector.  Our ODB Payroll is an easy to use Payroll product designed for your needs including calulations of PRD with generating of files for upload of P30s. P35s and P45s etc to ROS.